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Physical Examination Please Read Important Information!

Students registering for athletics must have a current physical examination on file in the High School office before the student is authorized to participate in practice/tryouts. To ensure clearance for participation, physicals should be completed and turned in to the Activities Director, High School office or coach for that season prior to participation.  Physicals are due every 3 years, in most cases students will either need a physical in 7th and 10th grade or 6th, 9th and 12th grade.  Due to COVID-19 if your physical was due after March 12th 2020 you get a 1 year exemption.  Families can choose to take the exemption for 1 calendar year or still get their updated physical.  If you don't have a current physical on file at all such as a new athlete or possible 6th or 7th grade athlete you must get a physical before participating! All athletes must complete the health questionaire yearly which is available on this Registration.  

If you have questions or need assistance with the registration, please address it to:

Cory Haala - Activities Director
Phone: 507-794-2230
Email: cory.haala@sleepyeye.mntm.org

Anita Johnson - Activities Secretary
Phone: 507-794-7904
Email: anita.johnson@sleepyeye.mntm.org